6 Ways Productive Coaches Spend Their Free Time

Coaches from around the coun­try sound off on the most effec­tive ways to uti­lize spare time.

6 Ways Productive Coaches Spend Their Free Time

Coaches from around the coun­try sound off on the most effec­tive ways to uti­lize spare time.

Free time is a for­eign con­cept to coaches. 

Between devis­ing game plans and address­ing indi­vid­ual play­er needs, coach­es are stretched pret­ty thin. 

Thankfully, there are tools out there that can help coach­es make the most of their day. Whether it’s a ser­vice like Hudl Assist, where pro­fes­sion­al ana­lysts break down video for coach­es, or a wire­less instant replay solu­tion like Hudl Sideline that allows coach­es to gain instant, in-game insights, staffs that take advan­tage of Hudl’s time-sav­ing coach­ing tools have more free time than ever before. 

You may be ask­ing your­self, What do these coach­es do with all this new­found free time?”

We asked Hudl users the same ques­tion. Based on their feed­back, we found six ways the most pro­duc­tive coach­es spend their spare time.

Sweat the Technique 

Regardless of lev­el of com­pe­ti­tion, play­ers can’t dom­i­nate with­out prop­er form and mechanics. 

Because of fea­tures like playlists and live tag­ging, coach­es can spend less time in the film room and more time improv­ing play­er technique.

I have more time where I can com­mu­ni­cate with our guys on things they need to be work­ing on and things they can do to improve. Also, I can pro­vide feed­back spe­cif­ic to indi­vid­ual play­ers.” — Coach Maassen, Sheldon High School

Your start­ing pow­er for­ward has a hitch in his free throw shot? Hold a one-on-one video review ses­sion with that play­er and pull up a playlist of all his free throw attempts from the last game. Reinforce your teach­ing points by instruct­ing your play­er to use a tool like Hudl Technique to ana­lyze his form through­out the season. 

Does your next oppo­nent rely on press cov­er­age to slow down oppos­ing offens­es? Tell your wide receivers coach to focus on press release drills with the prac­tice time nor­mal­ly allo­cat­ed for inef­fi­cient­ly com­pil­ing rel­e­vant video clips for team review.

Dominate Halftime 

Freeing up your sched­ule isn’t exclu­sive to times out­side game day. 

Spend more time dis­cussing the right sec­ond half adjust­ments and less time with guess­work and sift­ing through pages of notes by uti­liz­ing Hudl Sideline. This wire­less replay solu­tion will give you the abil­i­ty to iden­ti­fy mis­match­es and missed assign­ments in an instant.

Hone Your Craft 

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

Use your spare time to study up on new coach­ing trends, dis­cuss best prac­tices with oth­er coach­es, learn more about the capa­bil­i­ties of your coach­ing tools, and brush up on the basics. 

Setting time aside for per­son­al devel­op­ment now can free up your sched­ule lat­er as you’ll need less and less time for how-to research. 

In search of resources to get you start­ed? Take a look out our Performance Center – the ulti­mate des­ti­na­tion for any coach or ath­lete look­ing to get better.

Enhance Practice Sessions 

The sea­son can be a grind, so why not make your prac­tices as engag­ing as possible? 

After our fourth or fifth film ses­sion of the sea­son my team was real­ly pay­ing atten­tion to what we were doing in video break­downs. After that, I let them run the film ses­sions and they real­ly took the ini­tia­tive.” — Coach Branch, Oxford High School

Take instruc­tion­al risks by restruc­tur­ing your prac­tice sched­ule and teach­ing tech­niques. Develop cer­tain themes for each week of prac­tice. Allot time each month for moti­va­tion­al speak­ers to address your team.

Take the pulse of your team to hold prac­tices that cater to their per­son­al­i­ties and your play­ers will retain your lessons more effectively.

Watch Even More Video 

It may sound strange, but one ben­e­fit of using solu­tions that help you watch and ana­lyze video more effi­cient­ly is now you’ll have time to watch and ana­lyze even more video. 

It would take two to three hours to find all of an athlete’s missed shots, or to watch all of the offen­sive rebounds we gave up per game — with Hudl Assist, it’s one click to watch that for a whole game.” — Coach Brost, Bolingbrook High School

Use the time you spend ana­lyz­ing video to ful­ly dive into each of your opponent’s offen­sive and defen­sive strate­gies. Instead of spend­ing your off­sea­son ran­dom­ly pin­point­ing oppo­nent ten­den­cies, ded­i­cate a week at a time to review spe­cif­ic sets, plays and in-game stats on your scout video. 

You can also take a sim­i­lar approach to ana­lyz­ing your own team’s areas for improve­ment. For exam­ple, with a ser­vice like Hudl Assist you can sub­mit your game footage to pro­fes­sion­al ana­lysts and receive a ful­ly tagged video and its reports ready to study with­in 24 hours.

Relax & Unwind 

Wearing mul­ti­ple hats and work­ing long hours is often seen as a badge of hon­or among coach­ing cir­cles. However, tak­ing time to unwind can actu­al­ly boost pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and make your sea­son less stressful. 

Fatigue makes it hard­er to stay on-task, be atten­tive to your team’s needs and address coach­ing chal­lenges. Flip the script by tak­ing a men­tal break. 

Which tips can you add to the list? Share with us in the comments.