5 Tips to Organize Your Video Library

Labels add an extra layer of organization to your library. Use them to track what’s important to your team and make videos easier to find.

5 Tips to Organize Your Video Library

Labels add an extra layer of organization to your library. Use them to track what’s important to your team and make videos easier to find.

With practices, games and tournaments, a coach’s schedule will get hectic in a hurry. As you prepare for a new season, plan how you’ll organize your video on Hudl. A few minutes of forward-thinking now will go a long way in helping you stay sane as you upload multiple videos each week.

With the latest updates to Hudl, we’ve made it easier to keep everything organized and find the videos you need — check out our five tips to get a head start.

Start Adding Labels

Add labels as your video uploads or once it’s online. Labels can be as general or as specific as you want them to be — you can use them however you’d like. They’ll automatically save throughout the season to act as filters for all of your content, including games, practices, scout videos, playlists and files.

When would labels come in handy? Maybe you’ve created a playlist for a group on your team. Add a new label to the playlist so when you share videos with that group, you can filter for the most relevant playlists.

Do the same for individual athletes on your team. Label videos with their name to make it easy to search for their playlists and save time. Create a playlist of their strengths and weaknesses, and label it so they have quick access to study and improve.

Create a Game Plan for Organization

Chat with your coaches to create a plan for how to organize the library and use labels with your team. Keeping things clear and concise will help everyone find exactly what they need. Maybe you want to create athlete labels to help each player find their videos, or create a label for your road games or tournaments. You could even create a playlist of all your inbound plays and add that label to pull up every inbound from the season. Do whatever will help your team keep things organized.

Update Your Schedule

While you’re no longer required to add a schedule before you upload video, that doesn’t lessen its importance. When you associate video with a schedule entry, it names the video for you, adds the content type (game footage, opponent scout or practice) and makes it easier to keep everything organized. On the other hand, if you have summer workouts or drills that aren’t associated with a specific opponent, don’t feel obligated to tie them to an event.

Don’t Forget to Search

While it’s easy to filter, don’t underestimate the power of the search tool. If your video is added to a schedule entry and named correctly, the search bar makes it simple to pinpoint exactly what you need. Search for last season’s opening game against the opponent you play next week or a practice from last month. Then add any other labels that will make it easier to filter down the road.

Pick the Best View

Sometimes you need to see things from a different view — why not organize your videos as a grid or list? Use whatever view helps you stay organized. Toggle back and forth between the two to quickly find a video or edit multiple at once.

We’re excited to share these new features with your team. Want a more in-depth look at how to update and label videos? Check out our quick start guides and don’t forget to use our Help Center to get the most out of your library.

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