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Course 1:   Volleymetrics Cameras

Lesson 3:   Test Your Camera

  1. Follow the steps below to make sure your Volleymetrics cam­era is ready to record. We rec­om­mend run­ning this test a few days before each of your home matches.

    1. Go to the Volleymetrics cam­era page.
    2. Click the + icon next to your venue.
    3. Enter the name you’d like to use for the cam­era and con­firm you have added the camera’s exter­nal IP address, user­name and pass­word. (If you don’t know this infor­ma­tion, check with your IT department.
    4. Click Run to begin the test.
    5. Once your cam­era pass­es the test, it’s ready to go! Click Save & Test Changes to close the window.
  2. If you receive an error, ref­er­ence our trou­bleshoot­ing guide.

    The next two cours­es will teach you how to sched­ule events in the Volleymetrics plat­form and how to record with your camera. 

    Remember: Using third par­ty soft­ware to record may result in decreased video qual­i­ty and prob­lem­at­ic uploads to the Volleymetrics portal.