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Course 1:   Volleymetrics Cameras

Lesson 2:   Adjust Your Camera View

  1. Check Your Camera View
    Note: You may need to be on the same net­work as your cam­era to access it. Your IT depart­ment can help you do this.

    1. Type in the camera’s IP address in a web brows­er and hit Enter. Use the camera’s user­name and pass­word to log in.
    2. Your camera’s live view will load, which should look sim­i­lar to the screen­shot below.
    Notice the far end line is vis­i­ble through the net, and there’s one to two feet of space between the bot­tom of the court and the cam­era view. Base-mod­el Axis cam­eras for Volleymetrics are non-PTZ, so if you need to move the cam­era, you may need to do so man­u­al­ly. Remove the dome to adjust the direc­tion of the lens for P33 and P35 models.
  2. Focus & Zoom

    Navigate to Settings > Image. Under Focus, move the slid­ers to adjust focus and zoom. You can also use the but­tons to adjust the aut­o­fo­cus area (which should cov­er the the court) and test it.

  3. Navigate to Settings > System. Select the ori­en­ta­tion icon, then use the AF but­ton to per­form an aut­o­fo­cus test and the slid­er to adjust the zoom.