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Course 8:   Visual Analytics

Lesson 1:   Navigate the Visual Analytics Page

  1. Set Up
    Choose the team whose stats you want to look at, then select the sea­son and matches.

    Tip: Hold down ctrl and click to select mul­ti­ple match­es. Double-click to deselect.

    You’ll be shown pass­es, sets and attacks per­formed by the focus team dur­ing all of the select­ed matches.
  2. Filter
    You can nar­row down the data based on:

    • Rotation
    • Attacking play­er
    • Attack result
    • Blocks
    • Attack type
    • Passing play­er
    • Setting play­er
    • Phase of play
  3. Court Area
    Manipulate the charts to show data from spe­cif­ic areas of the court. Select Zones to choose from pre-drawn areas of the court, or click Draw to cre­ate your own.

  4. Download
    Click on the down­load icon to save a copy of the chart offline.

  5. How to Navigate

    • Colors indi­cate grade — dark green indi­cates a per­fect touch, yel­low indi­cates medi­um, and red indi­cates an error. All touch­es will be some­where between dark green and dark red.
    • Dots indi­cate the loca­tion where a touch hap­pened. In the case of attacks, a dot will indi­cate both where the attack orig­i­nat­ed and where it ended. 
    • Lines indi­cate the ball tra­jec­to­ry. If a line ends in a dot, it means the ball actu­al­ly went to that loca­tion on the court. Lines that don’t end in a dot indi­cate the ball didn’t actu­al­ly go to that loca­tion. For exam­ple, say a ball was attacked and touched by a block­er. In this sce­nario, the line would indi­cate where the attack would have gone had it not been touched by the block, and doesn’t end in a dot because the ball didn’t actu­al­ly reach that point on the court.