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Course 4:   Review Video

Lesson 3:   Video Settings & Shortcuts

  1. If a match has been ana­lyzed, infor­ma­tion about the match will be shown at the top of the video. This includes event, event num­ber, play­er, team, set num­ber and score­board, all of which will update as the video plays.

  2. Shortcuts
    There are sev­er­al hotkeys (key­board short­cuts) avail­able to help you nav­i­gate your video. Click the key­board icon in the video play­er to open these shortcuts.

    On top of these, there are a num­ber of set­tings avail­able at the bot­tom of the video play­er for you to cus­tomize your view­ing experience.
  3. Gear Icon

    • Event tim­ing: Dictates when the video begins. For exam­ple, if you fil­tered for serves and your event tim­ing is set to “-2 sec”, the video clip will begin play­ing two sec­onds pri­or to the serve.
    • Pause on Event: If turned on, the video will auto­mat­i­cal­ly pause for you at the moment you spec­i­fy (e.g., when the play­er touch­es the ball, two sec­onds before­hand, etc.). No hotkeys required!
    • Pause Duration: Dictates how long the video remains paused before it resumes play.
    • Auto Skip to Next Event: When on, your video will auto­mat­i­cal­ly skip to the next video clip in your fil­ter. Again, no hotkeys needed.
    • Auto Skip Delay: Dictates how long the video con­tin­ues to play after the event occurs. For exam­ple, if you fil­ter for sets and the delay is set to 4 sec”, you’ll see the set occur and con­tin­ue to watch the ral­ly for four addi­tion­al sec­onds before the play­er skips to the next event.
    • Autoplay on Filter Changes: As you apply fil­ters, the video will update and begin to play.
  4. Audio
    If the video was record­ed and uploaded with audio, the speak­er icon gives you the abil­i­ty to turn that audio on or off. By default, all videos are muted.

  5. Full Screen
    Press \ or click on the arrows icon in the video play­er to enter full screen.