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Course 7:   Reports

Lesson 1:   Create a Report

  1. First you need to decide what type of report you want to gen­er­ate. Go to the Reports page to see your choices.

    Note: Options vary with sub­scrip­tion lev­el, but you’ll like­ly see one of two options:

    • Indoor Tactical Report
    • Beach Tactical Report

    Select the sea­son, team and match­es you want to pull data from, then click Prepare Report. Confirm that your email address is cor­rect and click Send.

    Remember: Reports can only be run on match­es that have been ana­lyzed and are acces­si­ble to you. 

    You’ll receive an email with the report attached as a PDF. Depending on your sub­scrip­tion, reports can be any­where from a few pages to more than 100. Contact your sales rep to find out about the dif­fer­ent types of reports we offer.