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Course 2:   Preseason Prep

Lesson 3:   Manage Your Schedule

  1. Remember: If you have a Volleymetrics cam­era, you must add your home match­es to your sched­ule for the cam­era to know when to record.

  2. Add Matches

    Adding your sched­ule is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent for each lev­el of play. Find your lev­el below to know how it works.

    Professional and International

    Many of your match­es are already on the Volleymetrics por­tal. Visit the Schedule page to see what’s added and make sure it’s cor­rect. Use these steps to make any edits.


    You’ll cre­ate all of your own sched­ule entries. Go to your sched­ule page and click Add New Event. We rec­om­mend you include:

    • Your home matches
    • Neutral match­es at your venue
    • Your away match­es tak­ing place at a school that doesn’t use Volleymetrics

    There’s no need to add away match­es locat­ed at anoth­er Volleymetrics school. The oth­er team will add those match­es, either as part of their home sched­ule or as a neu­tral match played at their facility.

    Be sure to check your con­fer­ence exchange rules to know what match­es you are respon­si­ble to upload.
  3. Beach

    Our por­tal will detect you’re a beach team and prompt you to select the two play­ers who will par­tic­i­pate. This is not a required ques­tion to save the event, but must be select­ed pri­or to upload­ing video. If you need to go back lat­er, find the match on your Schedule page, click the pen­cil icon to edit the match and add the play­ers. Then click Save.

    When you upload video to a beach match, you’ll have a chance to con­firm the par­tic­i­pat­ing players.
  4. Add Practices
    Practices are cre­at­ed with the same steps as match­es, but you’ll need to select Practice as your event type instead. Feel free to add a descrip­tion, like Setters Practice” or Blue and Gold Scrimmage”.

    Practices are only avail­able for your team to view. They’re locat­ed on the Matches page under Practices.
  5. Remember: If you plan to use a Volleymetrics cam­era to record your match­es or prac­tices, the cam­era must first pass por­tal test.