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Course 2:   Preseason Prep

Lesson 1:   Manage Your Roster

  1. First things first — nav­i­gate to Team > Players to view your ros­ter. We try to keep pro­fes­sion­al and inter­na­tion­al ros­ters up-to-date (so there may be play­ers already list­ed), but col­le­giate and youth teams man­age their own. Regardless, you’ll know best if some­thing is incor­rect. Feel free to make any nec­es­sary edits using the steps below.

  2. Delete Old Players
    Note: Don’t delete and recre­ate the same per­son, you can just edit their infor­ma­tion. Contact Volleymetrics sup­port if you need fur­ther help.

    On your Team page, click the pen­cil icon next to the play­er you want to remove. Then click the trash can icon. That per­son will receive an email to noti­fy them of their removal.

  3. Edit Existing Players
    On your Team page, click the pen­cil icon next to the play­er whose infor­ma­tion you want to edit. Make the rel­e­vant changes, then click the flop­py disk icon to save.

    Note: If you change the player’s email address, they’ll receive a noti­fi­ca­tion email at the new address provided.
  4. Add New Players
    Once you removed old play­ers and made edits to exist­ing ones, it’s time to add any play­ers who are new to your team. Click Add Team Player at the bot­tom of the Team page. Fill out their infor­ma­tion and click the flop­py disk icon to save. As long as their email is entered, they’ll receive an email to cre­ate their account and join your team.

    Remember: Your ros­ter must be entered and up-to-date on the Volleymetrics por­tal for us to be able to break down your matches.