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Course 4:   Track Stats

Lesson 2:   Customize Your Analysis

  1. Use custom tags. Track what matters most to your team. Need to be more efficient in out-of-system plays? Create a custom tag so you can quickly analyze them.

  2. Add additional tags. Once you create a custom tag for roll shot”, add an additional tag to track whether it was cross-court, down the line or right in the donut. 

  1. Not sure where to begin? Use these examples to get started.

  2. Setter dump—use a setter dump” custom tag to show your defensive specialists to stay in base when the setter’s in the front row.

  3. No cover—there’s nothing worse than watching a ball hit the floor after a block. Teach your athletes to cover each other by showing them when they’re not.

  4. Tool—have a smaller outside who’s having a hard time getting around the block? Work with them to use the block instead and track how often they do it with a tool” custom tag. 

  5. Back row attack—been working on your pipe swings lately? See if your athletes are running it in a game with a back row attack” custom tag to supplement the hitting attempt tag. 

  6. First ball kill—stopping runs in volleyball is crucial. Track how many times your team gets the ball back right away. 

  7. Set type—don’t let your team get comfortable in what they run. Encourage them to mix up the offense by tagging different set types.

  8. Effort play—celebrate your team never letting the ball hit the ground.