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Course 1:   Prep for Season

Lesson 1:   Add New Athletes & Coaches

  1. Use invite codes. It’s the simplest way to add athletes to your team’s account. Why? Because your athletes do most of the work.

  2. Import your roster. If you already have an Excel spreadsheet of your athletes’ information, you can import it to Hudl with the click of a button. 

  3. Manually add your team members. Only have a few athletes or coaches to add? Enter their details one-by-one. 

  4. Give coaches the right access. The positions of coach and admin have different levels of control. Admins have extra privileges to view all library content, manage other coaches, exchange video, send recruiting packages, and view and pay invoices. 

  5. Create groups. Group your athletes by position to easily share video, comments and messages with only who needs to see them. Now your middle hitters’ libraries won’t be flooded with serve-receive playlists. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Get your athletes’ digits. With their phone numbers and cell carriers in Hudl, your athletes will receive text message noti­fi­ca­tions — no more excuses about how they didn’t check their email. Note: Only available for teams on a Gold or Platinum package.

  3. Add graduation years.  Recruiters want to know when your athletes will graduate. Plus it’ll help keep your roster organized. It’s a win-win.