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Course 6:   Manage Your Video

Lesson 2:   Manage Your Library

  1. Watch without Wi-Fi. Need to review a video on your next bus ride? Download your video so you can watch offline. 

  2. Share video.  You have the option to manage permissions while it’s uploading or after it’s on Hudl.

  3. Add or edit details. File your match under an event or add labels right from your library page. 

  4. Take some time to declutter. Delete old videos and playlists before each season to keep your library organized. 

  5. Turn off audio for athletes. Whether it’s a loud parent or an opposing team talking too close the camera, tweak your audio settings so your athletes don’t get distracted during review. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Download video to share with people outside Hudl. Once your video is linked in an email, you can forward it to the parent, local newspaper or college coach who wants to see it.

  3. Add a message when you share. Highlight specific things for your athletes to look for in the video. Or remind them to watch before practice tomorrow. Whatever you need to tell them, it’s easy to get your point across.