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Course 7:   A Guide to Volleyball Reports

Lesson 2:   Discover Insights with Data

  1. Stats report.  You’ll see everything from traditional stats like kills and digs to calculated stats like side-out percentage or service winning percentage.

  2. Box score.  The basic summary of your stats from a single game. Simple, yet thorough.

  3. Trends report.  Working on a more consistent serving percentage this year? Track the progress of that stat (or any stat) over the course of the season to see how far your team has come. 

  4. Goals report. Set team-based goals, like a hitting percentage greater than .225 or a pass rating greater than .220, and track how well your players crush it throughout the season. Pro Tip: Consider using percentages over raw numbers. Traditional statistics don’t take sets played into account, which can skew your results.

  5. Attack tendencies report. Knowledge is power. This report shows the line of an attack’s path from beginning to end, giving you the most information possible. Now that you know your outside is hitting it middle back almost every time she’s set, you can have her work in different shots to keep the defense on their toes. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Gain insights from multiple matches. Run a report on multiple match-ups from the same season or several seasons. There are no restrictions.

  3. View stats by rotation. Really struggling to side-out in rotation 4? Take a look at your reports to figure out why. 

  4. Filter by averages or totals. See how many blocks your middle had last time, or see how many they’re averaging per match. 

  5. Watch our volleyball stats online class. Eager to learn more? Check out how to drive your team’s success with stats.