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Course 5:   Video Review Tools

As of March 13, 2023, Hudl Academy will be undergoing changes. While this site is under construction, please connect with our tutorials, classes, or YouTube channel for up-to-date information on all Hudl products and workflows.

Lesson 2:   Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

  1. Control your video and tags.

    • Play/​pause (tap space bar)
    • Slow forward (hold down arrow)
    • Fast forward (hold up arrow)
    • Add a tag (tap the t key)
    • Previous tag (left arrow) Note: If you don’t have tags, this button won’t do anything. 
    • Next (right arrow) Note: When tags are filtered, this keyboard shortcut lets you skip to the next filtered tag. When viewing a playlist, this shortcut lets you skip to the next clip.

  2. Jump around in the video.

    • Skip five seconds forward (tap up arrow
    • Skip five seconds backward (tap down arrow)
    • Skip to previous filtered moment in a video (tap left arrow)
    • Skip to previous clip in a playlist (tap left arrow)
    • Skip to next filtered moment in a video (tap right arrow)
    • Skip to previous clip in a playlist (tap right arrow)

  3. Customize your settings. Just click the gear icon in your video player to change your video’s speed and quality.