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Course 3:   Uploads + Exchanges

As of March 13, 2023, Hudl Academy will be undergoing changes. While this site is under construction, please connect with our tutorials, classes, or YouTube channel for up-to-date information on all Hudl products and workflows.

Lesson 4:   League Exchanges

  1. Get to know your options. League exchanges on Hudl make it simple to give and get video from every team in your conference, district or league. Once the league is setup, you’ll see the dedicated page under Exchanges. This is where you’d come to upload your video for other teams to access, and add other teams’ videos to your library.

  2. Upload video to the league. Now your phone won’t blow up with texts, emails and exchange requests from coaches in your league asking for video. Simply choose to add your video to the league exchange while you upload it, and voila! Coaches in your league can access it there. 

  3. Add video from the league to your library. You won’t have to send coaches in your league those texts, emails and exchange requests either. Just head over to your league exchange and add their video to your library with just a few clicks. You can even download it to save it offline. 

  4. Note: For more information about league exchanges, check out this resource center.