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Course 9:   A Guide to Hudl Assist

As of March 13, 2023, Hudl Academy will be undergoing changes. While this site is under construction, please connect with our tutorials, classes, or YouTube channel for up-to-date information on all Hudl products and workflows.

Lesson 1:   Get Ready for Season

  1. Remove old athletes. You want to make sure your sophomore #2 is getting credited their stats, not your senior #2 who graduated last year. Don’t worry — graduated players will still have access to all their highlights when you disable them.

  2. Add a new season. Wondering what happens if you don’t? Your match stats will be for the previous season, not this year’s. Out-of-date stats never helped anyone, so create a new season and set it as the current one.

  3. Update athlete information. A lot can change in the offseason. Be sure to update jersey numbers and positions for any returning athletes. 

  4. Add athletes. We can’t add player stats without a roster. Your athletes can create their own accounts with invite codes. If you’d rather handle it yourself, import a spreadsheet of your roster or manually enter team member details.