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Course 1:   Season Prep

Lesson 2:   Preseason Checklist

  1. Add a new season. This will make your life on Hudl way eas­i­er. Each season hosts film and stats from that year, keeping it all organized year-over-year. Don’t even get us start­ed on how con­fus­ing it is to add stats to last night’s game if it’s listed in the 2015 sea­son. Once you add this year, don’t for­get to set it as the cur­rent sea­son.

  2. Add events. Uploads, track­ing stats, high­lights and exchanges get a mil­lion times eas­i­er when you add events to your schedule. 

  3. Add athletes. Invite codes are the best option because your players do most of the work. If you’d rather han­dle it, import a spread­sheet of your ros­ter with the click of a but­ton, or man­u­al­ly enter a team member’s details. 

  4. Give coaches the right access. Add staff mem­bers as a coach or admin depend­ing on how much con­trol they need to have. Admins have extra priv­i­leges to view all library con­tent, man­age oth­er coach­es, exchange video, send recruit­ing pack­ages and view and pay invoic­es. Coach­es? They cover all the basics — video uploads, stats, roster and schedule management, high­light creation, all that jazz.

  5. Create groups. Group your ath­letes by posi­tion to eas­i­ly share video, com­ments and mes­sages with only the peo­ple that need to see them. Now your goal­keep­ers’ libraries won’t be flood­ed with playlists of your team’s shots.

  6. Make sure the bills are paid. Don’t lose access to Hudl when you need it most. We accept checks, pur­chase orders, cred­it cards and Trident Layers. (Just kid­ding on that last one. But remem­ber those commercials?

  7. Check your Hudl app. Double-check that your Hudl app is updat­ed and ready for the sea­son. And encour­age your team mem­bers to down­load it so they can review video from anywhere. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Get your athletes’ digits. With their phone num­bers and cell car­ri­ers added to Hudl, your ath­letes will receive text mes­sage noti­fi­ca­tions — no more excus­es about how they didn’t check their email. Note: Only avail­able for teams on a Gold or Platinum pack­age.

  3. Add graduation years.  Recruiters want to know when your players will grad­u­ate. Plus it’ll help keep your ros­ter orga­nized. Sounds like a win-win 

  4. See who’s doing their homework. Until (and maybe after) your play­ers under­stand how valu­able video is, you can hold them account­able with activ­i­ty track­ing.

  5. Select your opponent from the drop-down. When you add an event, type in your opponent’s name then check the drop-down menu to see if they have Hudl. This will help you lat­er on if you’re tag­ging the game your­self or send­ing it to Hudl Assist.

  6. Stay in touch with Hudl messaging. Team com­mu­ni­ca­tion has nev­er been eas­i­er. Get your groups set up and lay the ground rules with your ath­letes for what types of mes­sages to send.