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Course 2:   It All Starts with Video

Lesson 2:   Game Day Tips

  1. Know where to record. Record from the high­est angle and as close to cen­ter ice as pos­si­ble to get the best view. Right along the red line is ideal — try to cap­ture all play­ers and the entire zone at a time. And avoid any obstacles that will block your view, such as netting or fans. 

  2. Use a tripod for smoother video.  No one wants to watch shaky video. Plus the height of a tri­pod can help you reach that per­fect van­tage point.

  3. Set your filmer up for success.  Share these game day tips with them so they’re equipped to cap­ture the best video possible. 

  4. Record the scoreboard. Take quick score­board shots through­out the game, espe­cial­ly at the end of each period. This will help our Hudl Assist ana­lysts as they tag and you as you review.

  5. Capture referee signals. Keep the ref­er­ee in the frame so you can cap­ture their sig­nals through­out the game.

    • Go easy on the zoom.  Stay far enough away to get both teams with­out using the zoom too often — you’ll thank your­self later.

    • Only pause at long breaks. To keep up with the flow of the game, only pause when you have to (like between periods). No need to stop and start for every faceoff.