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Course 7:   A Guide to Ice Hockey Reports

Lesson 2:   Discover Insights with Data

  1. Stats report. You’ll see every­thing from tra­di­tion­al stats like goals and assists, to calculated stats like face-off per­cent­age or penalty-kill percentage.

  2. Shot chart. Are your players converting their chances? Are you getting enough shots on target to find the back of the net? Get the answers you need and self-diagnose your offense with shot charts linked to video.

  3. Box score. The basic sum­ma­ry of your stats from a sin­gle game. Simple, yet thorough.

  4. Trends report. Track the progress of any stat over the course of the sea­son to see how far your team has come. 

  5. Goals report. Set team-based goals and track how well your play­ers crush it through­out the season. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Gain insights from multiple games. Run a report on several match-ups from the same sea­son or sev­er­al sea­sons. The more data, the better the analysis.

  3. Filter by averages or totals. See how many saves your goalie has this sea­son, or how many they’re aver­ag­ing per game. 

  4. Share your stats. Save your report as a PDF and email it to a local news­pa­per, an athlete’s par­ents or anoth­er coach.