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Course 5:   Video Review Tools

Lesson 1:   Discover Game-Changing Insights

  1. Learn your options.  There’s two different ways to review your video on Hudl. Add comments and drawings to the full game video and keep everything in one place, shared with your whole team. Or break your video into shorter chunks using playlists so you can spend less time sifting through the entire game to find what you need. And you can share playlists with just the people that need to see it, because your point guards and centers aren’t working on the same skills. 

  2. Add comments & drawings to the full video. This is a great choice if you have something that applies to your whole team. These comments and drawings will live on the game video, so anyone who has access to the video will be able to view them. 

  3. Create playlists with clips. Pull out the most important teaching moments from your game by creating clips and save them for individual or team review. And, you can add a comment or drawing to bring your lessons to life. 

  4. Build playlists from tags. You no longer have to sort through the entire game video to find that one contested shot. Filter by a team or player, plus any stat, to quickly narrow down your search for that specific moment you need to review. Then save it to a playlist to share with others. 

  5. Turn reports into playlists. Click any underlined value in your reports page to see the video associated with that stat. Send those clips to a playlist with the click of a button. 

  1. Take it to the next level

  2. Label your playlists. Use custom labels to group playlists in your library any way you want. Create a custom label for each athlete, or individual skills. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless.

  3. Create a treasure hunt. Want to make sure your players are watching video? Drop a comment or drawing with a question somewhere in the video, then ask for the answer during your next team review.

  4. Build a team-wide obsession with video. Teach your athletes how to create playlists and add comments and questions to each clip. Engagement leads to improvement.

  5. Create playlists of individual skills. Have a forward who’s really struggling with their post moves? Create a playlist and share it with just them. Now those teaching moments can happen off the court, too.

  6. Make an example” playlist. Find video of an NBA player with awesome shooting form and save a playlist of it. This can be the perfect inspiration for your team.