Review Reports

Once you’ve tagged live or after the game, reports will automatically accumulate and can be viewed on any computer. Check this out for more information on tagging your video.

Log in to from any computer, then click Reports. Hudl automatically generates three types of reports.  Click below to learn more about reviewing each type:

Stat Report

  1. In the sub-navigation bar, select Stats.

  2. Use the Team drop-down to change whose report is being run.

  3. Run the report from your team’s perspective or from an opponents.

  4. The report will automatically update as filters are selected.

  5. Not sure what a stat means or how it’s calculated? Hover over a column to see a description.

  6. Click any underlined number to view the video associated with that stat.

  7. The video player allows you to click through clips and view all related tags.

Shot Chart Report

  1. In the sub-navigation bar, select Shot Chart.

  2. Use the filters to customize your report.  You can filter by an entire team or select an individual athlete to see only their stats or shot chart.

  3. Click any shot zone to see all attempts from that location.

  1. In the sub-navigation bar, select Trends.

    This report is only available to teams on a Gold or higher Hudl package.

  2. Use the drop-down filters to change the output of the report.

  3. Select a stat to see how you compare to an opponent.

  4. Hover over any point on the graph to see additional details about that game.

  5. Scroll down to see averages for you and your opponents.

    Do you want more information on how Hudl calculates stats like Effective FG%? Check out this glossary for how stats are defined.