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Hudl Recruit is the fastest and easiest way to search more than 500,000 athlete profiles
that include full game video.

1 Find Athletes

Search for athletes and teams by name

  • Search thousands of games.
  • Profiles include highlights, full game videos, and academic information.

2 Easily Access Highlights

See details on video and athlete data

  • Recruiting video available anywhere—including mobile devices.
  • Film is broken into individual clips and downloadable.

3 Manage and Share

Send profiles and video to other coaches

  • Unlimited accounts for your staff.
  • Easily share prospects online to your coaching staff.

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Get every advantage on each of our thousands of athletes and their video.

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Search the Full Database (?) YesYes
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View Full Game Videos (?) Promoted onlyRegional & Promoted onlyYes
View Detailed Highlights (?) Promoted onlyRegional & Promoted onlyYes
Build Profile Tapes, Cutups (?) Regional & Promoted onlyYes
Create Ink, Text & Voice Notes (?) Regional & Promoted onlyYes
Online Recruiting Boards (?) Upgrade for $2,000Yes
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