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  • Jon Youngblood
    Jon Youngblood

    Head Basketball Coach

    Southlake Carroll High School

    Southlake , TX, US

    Coach Smarter
    Hudl allows our basketball team to play smarter. We’ve used other systems out there and Hudl has continuously proven to be the most user friendly. It allows our coaching staff to teach the sport instead of just coach it.
  • Joe Burke
    Joe Burke

    Head Volleyball Coach

    Mount Notre Dame HS

    Cincinnati, OH, US

    Take Film Sessions to the Next Level
    Hudl has taken our film sessions to the next level by allowing the coaches to easily pull video clips to emphasize technique, team concepts, or scouting reports. We use it for scouting ourselves and our opponents, creating highlight tapes, and sending out recruiting film.

  • Patrick McManamon
    Patrick McManamon

    Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach

    St. Ignatius HS

    Cleveland , OH, US

    Every School Should be Using This System
    Our players and coaches love the ability to watch video anytime, anywhere. The ability to share upcoming opponent video with every player and track how much they are using the system helps to hold the players accountable. Every school should be using this system.
  • Dax Harrison
    Dax Harrison

    Lacrosse Coach

    Torrey Pines HS

    San Diego, CA, US

    Instrumental Component for Our Program
    Hudl has proven to be an instrumental component of our lacrosse program's success. It allows both coaches and players the opportunity to watch and critique past games and view upcoming opponents from anywhere.

    It has also proven to be a great teaching tool, giving players the visuals needed to better understand offensive and defensive schemes.
  • Chris Bloomer
    Chris Bloomer

    Girls Soccer Coach

    Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic HS

    Wichita, KS, US

    Unique Features
    Hudl has allowed us to study ourselves and our opponents easier. The unique features (access from any computer, identifying specific clips, and drawing and adding coaching points for athletes) allow for our athletes to study film at home.

    As a coach Hudl has allowed for us to spend more time in game planning and in athlete preparation because we don’t have to spend so much time trading, preparing additional cut-ups or copies of the games for coaches or opponents.

  •  Scott Simonds
    Scott Simonds

    Head Volleyball Coach

    Clear Creek HS

    League City, TX, US

    I Would Recommend Hudl to Everyone
    My players can now watch a match that may have taken an hour and a half in less then 30 minutes and it really makes watching film much more efficient. I'm not very computer savvy and I was able to figure out how to upload and cut film quickly.

    I would recommend Hudl to everyone.
  • Mike Leibin
    Mike Leibin

    Head Football Coach

    Thousand Oaks HS

    Thousand Oaks, CA, US

    The recruiting feature in Hudl is awesome! Having the ability to come into the office right after a game and send out the film to any recruiter watching my players is unbelievable. It has enabled me to get my athletes' films out to more schools in less time.
  • Adam DePriest
    Adam DePriest

    Football Coach

    Pulaski Academy

    Little Rock, AZ, US

    Couldn’t Be Easier
    Hudl has streamlined the process for getting video out to coaches. Instead of watching hours of tape for the athletes, they are able to tag their own highlights and tell me when and where they want it sent. Getting game film to college recruiters couldn't be easier.
  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp

    Football Coach

    Park Hill HS

    Kansas City, MO, US

    An Advantage in the Recruiting Process
    The recruiting packages in Hudl have allowed us to get video out quicker and easier to colleges and universities that are interested in our players. It’s giving our student athletes an advantage in the recruiting process and it's extremely easy.
  • Irv Sigler
    Irv Sigler

    Head Football Coach

    Jenison HS

    Jenison, MI, US

    Our Players Can Take Ownership
    With Hudl, our players make their own highlight films, and I can be on the phone with a coach and have the film sent out before I even hang up. Our players can take ownership in the recruiting process. We continue to find ways that Hudl makes us more efficient and effective as a coaching staff.
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