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  • Adrian Snow
    Adrian Snow

    Football Coach

    West Forsyth HS

    Clemmons, NC, US

    We’re in Love
    The recruiting feature in Hudl has saved us so much time. It was amazing that the college recruiter was able to get my players' video immediately. We feel like Hudl has been unbelievable. We’re in love.
    Year in and year out we are going to be successful.
  • Byron Walker
    Byron Walker

    Football Coach

    American Heritage HS

    Plantation , FL, US

    Interest in Our Players Has Gone Up
    The college coaches request film, I send it, and within minutes, they're able to evaluate my players. Interest in our players has gone up in part because of Hudl and its great features.
    The recruiting feature allows me to send highlights and game films to coaches all over the country with the click of a button. It also allows for immediate responses to film request.
  • Matt Dimmitt
    Matt Dimmitt

    Video Coordinator

    Boise State University

    Boise, ID, US

    Winning the Information Race
    College football has become an information race, the teams that can sort the needed information and get it to their players the fastest are going to have the edge in any game. The addition of Hudl has put us ahead in this race. In the time it takes you to make a dvd or check out a laptop with our teams film on it, we will already be watching film of your team.
  • Tim Kepple
    Tim Kepple

    Assistant Football Coach

    Immokalee HS

    Immokalee, FL, US

    Best Buy
    Hudl is the best buy in video right now. I first saw it demonstrated at last year’s C.O.O.L. clinic in Cincinnati and was impressed enough to take the information back to our head coach. We have loved the system ever since.
  • Mike Leibin
    Mike Leibin

    Head Football Coach

    Thousand Oaks HS

    Thousand Oaks, CA, US

    The recruiting feature in Hudl is awesome! Having the ability to come into the office right after a game and send out the film to any recruiter watching my players is unbelievable. It has enabled me to get my athletes' films out to more schools in less time.
  • Adam DePriest
    Adam DePriest

    Football Coach

    Pulaski Academy

    Little Rock, AZ, US

    Couldn’t Be Easier
    Hudl has streamlined the process for getting video out to coaches. Instead of watching hours of tape for the athletes, they are able to tag their own highlights and tell me when and where they want it sent. Getting game film to college recruiters couldn't be easier.
  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp

    Football Coach

    Park Hill HS

    Kansas City, MO, US

    An Advantage in the Recruiting Process
    The recruiting packages in Hudl have allowed us to get video out quicker and easier to colleges and universities that are interested in our players. It’s giving our student athletes an advantage in the recruiting process and it's extremely easy.
  • Irv Sigler
    Irv Sigler

    Head Football Coach

    Jenison HS

    Jenison, MI, US

    Our Players Can Take Ownership
    With Hudl, our players make their own highlight films, and I can be on the phone with a coach and have the film sent out before I even hang up. Our players can take ownership in the recruiting process. We continue to find ways that Hudl makes us more efficient and effective as a coaching staff.
  • Concord HS
    Manny Chavez

    Football Coach

    Concord HS

    Concord , CA, US

    The Best System I’ve Ever Used
    With Hudl, recruiting has definitely gotten easier. Colleges have loved how easy and accessible our film is. I've been at a number of programs, from high school to college, and Hudl is easily the best system I've ever used.
  • Central Davidson HS
    Mark Hoover

    Head Football Coach

    Central Davidson HS

    Lexington, NC, US

    Expands Opportunities to Play at the Next Level
    Hudl’s recruiting expands our athlete’s opportunities to play at the next level. I have nine seniors this season. Seven of them are being actively recruited at one level or another including one at the Division I level. I feel that Hudl has contributed to this without a doubt.
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