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  • Matt Dimmitt
    Matt Dimmitt

    Video Coordinator

    Boise State University

    Boise, ID, US

    Winning the Information Race
    College football has become an information race, the teams that can sort the needed information and get it to their players the fastest are going to have the edge in any game. The addition of Hudl has put us ahead in this race. In the time it takes you to make a dvd or check out a laptop with our teams film on it, we will already be watching film of your team.
  • Knox College
    Kim Schrader

    Head Volleyball Coach

    Knox College

    Galesburg, IL, US

    Great Addition This Season
    Hudl has been a great addition for our 2010 season. It allowed me to easily upload our practice, game, and scout films.The customer service was responsive and informative, providing helpful details as I learned more and more about the usefulness of their system!
  • Joe Ahearn
    Joe Ahearn

    Head Soccer Coach

    Missouri S & T

    Rolla, MO, US

    Affordable, Convenient and User Friendly
    Hudl has provided an affordable, convenient, and user friendly platform to provide feedback to our players. The athletes appreciate the ability to log on to Hudl and watch film at a time and location that is convenient for them and their busy schedules.
  • Jim Findlay
    Jim Findlay

    Men’s Soccer Coach

    Susquehanna University

    Selinsgrove, PA, US

    Great Addition to Our Program
    Hudl has been a great addition to our program. Finding time to watch film as a team is difficult in season because of our game, practice and class schedules. Hudl allows our coaches and players to watch our games and/or practices just hours after the final whistle.
  • Neil Olson
    Neil Olson

    Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

    Grand View University

    Des Moines, IA, US

    Huge Time Saver
    Hudl provides an easy and efficient way to share video with our players and coaches. Our conference uses Hudl to exchange film with our opponents. Once it is online, l can exchange the video with the other team within a few minutes. It has been a wonderful coaching tool and a huge time saver for our athletic department.

  • Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke

    Men's Soccer Coach

    Washington University

    St. Louis, MO, US

    Improved Our Program
    Academic demand made frequent film sessions too time consuming. With Hudl, we upload each game and players are able to watch film on their own schedule. Individually I can require a player to watch a certain part to coach him specifically. Hudl has improved our program without breaking the bank.
  • Tim Kepple
    Tim Kepple

    Assistant Football Coach

    Immokalee HS

    Immokalee, FL, US

    Best Buy
    Hudl is the best buy in video right now. I first saw it demonstrated at last year’s C.O.O.L. clinic in Cincinnati and was impressed enough to take the information back to our head coach. We have loved the system ever since.
  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell

    Head Football Coach

    Golden West College

    Huntington Beach, CA, US

    Quickest, Easiest, Most Efficient…
    In my 4-years coaching, Hudl has been the quickest, easiest and most efficient way we have ever been able to get our players info and film out.
  • Robert Prince
    Robert Prince

    Wide Receivers Coach

    Boise State University

    Boise, ID, US

    Gives Visual Feedback
    Hudl gives us the ability to quickly communicate with our players using what they understand, visual feedback.
  • Tony Sorrentino
    Tony Sorrentino

    Offensive Quality Control Assistant

    University of Minnesota

    Minneapolis, MN, US

    Stay in Touch With Players
    Our players get breaks throughout the summer and most don’t live in Minnesota . When they go home Hudl allows us to stay in touch with them. We text message our players and send them specific clips to watch in Hudl while they are off campus.

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