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Proven Coaching Tools

Our battle-tested video and analysis tools will help you win and save time.

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Dealing with Video No Longer Sucks

Just plug in your camera or DVD and our apps for Windows and Mac will grab the video and prepare it for you. You don’t need to worry about formats or file size. It just works.

Work from Any Device

We provide free access to our highly-rated iPhone, iPad, and Android apps to your entire team. Your team can watch the video and notes you share with them the moment you do it. Everything stays in sync over 3G and Wi-Fi connections—no cords necessary. You’ll be amazed how much video your athletes watch from their mobile device.

Become a Video Expert for Your Sport

With Hudl, it’s simple. You can quickly access film, breakdown each play with your terminology, and divide the game into shorter playlists. Then, add notes and share them with coaches and players to scout yourself and upcoming opponents.

Professional Highlight Reels in Seconds

Make your team and athletes look great for fans and recruiters. Add spot shadows, trim dead time, and include titles to break up the action. Your end-of-season video just got way easier to make. Athletes can even make their own highlights—saving you time. But you’re still in control, Coach.

Data You Can Actually Use

Great reports and numbers only help if the knowledge is in your players’ heads on game day. Our reports are robust yet simple to read and understand. They’re also convenient to share electronically within Hudl or as a PDF. Plus they look great printed on your clipboard.

Practice Scripts & Presentations that Build Themselves

Your team’s video and data are just the start. You’ll save time discovering tendencies and communicating them with the rest of the team with Hudl’s presentations. Keep your practice running smoothly with self-building scripts based on your video.

Backed by World-Class Support

It’s not often a company encourages customers to call its support line. But, if you have any questions at all, you should immediately call our team at 402-817-0063. We have 30 clever problem solvers ready to handle any issue you can throw at them via phone, chat, or email.

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