Daniel Mickells

A product of Kansas City, Daniel has played soccer his entire life. Despite his deep love for the Chiefs and Royals, he's always had a soft spot for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

Contact Daniel: 402-817-0060 or dm@hudl.com

Ryan Stubbe

Ryan grew up playing basketball in Papillion, NE. He played one year of college basketball before returning home to begin coaching. He's been coaching club basketball for the past 8 years. 

Contact Ryan: 402-817-0060 or ryan.stubbe@hudl.com


Jessi Stafford


Jessi was born and raised in Colorado. She spent three years selling software in Manhattan before moving to Omaha to work at Hudl. Her dad played football for Colorado State and has been coaching since, so football has always been her passion (Go Broncos!). 

Contact Jessi: 970-690-3488 or jessi.stafford@hudl.com

Tony Linder


Born and raised a Cornhusker, Tony has continued to play and/or coach a variety of sports for many years, although soccer is his specialty. His passion for sports coincides with Husker Nation, the American Outlaws, and the Cheeseheads. 

Contact Tony: 402-314-8113 or tony.linder@hudl.com

Frank Steele


Frank has coached high school football in Illinois for 18 years and worked for CBSSports/MaxPreps prior to working for Hudl. 

Contact Frank: 217-416-1049 or frank.steele@hudl.com


Andrew Belsky


Raised on a farm in Nebraska. Spent 7 years coaching basketball at the High School and NCAA D2 level. Knows the importance of film study, and how much easier life is as a coach is using Hudl. 

Contact Andrew: 402-380-0990 or andrew.belsky@hudl.com

Josh Dukes


Josh grew up in Michigan around sports. He started by sorting football equipment for his dad as the team waterboy but eventually he graduated to playing and coaching. 

Contact Josh: 616-460-7652 or josh.dukes@hudl.com

Dave Hinkens


Dave has coached football in the land of cheese for more than 20 years. 

Contact Dave: 920-277-2386 or dave.hinkens@hudl.com


Madison Drake


Madison’s experience as a D1 athlete for the Huskers and a volunteer youth coach made her a Hudl pro years before setting foot in the office. 

Contact Madison: 402-450-6013 or madison@hudl.com

Trey Boyer


Born and raised in small town Nebraska, Trey's more than happy spending his days talking sports with coaches and athletes across the country, because what more could a guy ask for? 

Contact Trey: 402-640-9479 or trey.boyer@hudl.com

Jordan Searcey


Contact Jordan: 402-450-3360 or jordan.searcey@hudl.com

Lyndsey Haag


Born on the east coast and raised in the midwest, Lyndsey gets the best of both worlds having her old stomping grounds be her sales territory. Since she is a mom of 2, almost 3 – she has the super power of thriving on no sleep. 

Contact Lyndsey: 402-525-2749 or lyndsey.haag@hudl.com

Mark Ciriaco


Contact Mark: 402-740-8199 (cell) or mark.ciriaco@hudl.com

Tom Oropeza


Tom grew up outside of Philadelphia. He played his college ball at Lehigh University and coached high school football for 11 seasons, recently serving as the head coach at Monsignor Bonner from 2007-2011. 

Contact Tom: 610-659-6067 or tom.oropeza@hudl.com

Mike Aveni


Mike's been coaching football for the last 17 years. Prior to joining the Hudl team, he was a software professional for 20 years in the Boston area. 

Contact Mike: 781-775-3736 or mike.aveni@hudl.com


Justin Hansen


Justin hails from good ole’ Lincoln, Nebraska. After graduating, he suffered through several horrible Office Space-like jobs before finding a home here at Hudl. Now he trains for Tough Mudders, golfs poorly, and helps coaches win. 

Contact Justin: 402-217-0066 or justin.hansen@hudl.com

Andy Palensky


Andy grew up in small-town Nebraska and played football for Nebraska Wesleyan. When he’s not selling Hudl, he’s likely hunting, fishing and/or getting his truck stuck in mud. Though, his true loves are his family and, of course, the Huskers.

Contact Andy: 402-694-9657 or andy.palensky@hudl.com

Jason Aldridge


Jason has coached varsity football and girls fastpitch softball in Georgia and Alabama. Jason has worked in sports marketing & management for beRecruited.com and XL212. 

Contact Jason: 404-786-0310 or jason.aldridge@hudl.com

Germont Jackson

Central Texas / The Valley / NM

Germont is a born and bred Texan with a love for football (specifically Dallas Cowboys Football). He's been in the scouting software industry since 2004. 

Contact Germont: 972-342-9970 or germont.jackson@hudl.com

Chad White

East Texas, LA

Before Hudl Chad was with DSV. He played football for Texas State University and was a member of the Grapevine High School 1998 4A State championship football team. 

Contact Chad: 817-944-9686 or chad.white@hudl.com

Chris Pool


Chris served as the Midwest Recruiting Analyst for Rivals and Scout.com. He recently wrote a recruiting blog for ESPN and regularly contributes to newspapers in the Big Ten region. 

Contact Chris: 615-674-3700 or chris.pool@hudl.com

Tonnell Wilson

North Texas

Tonnell is a graduate of Midwestern State University where he was an All Conference Football Player. He enjoys coaching the Dallas Diamonds (a women's professional football team) and fishing. 

Contact Tonnell: 214-418-9839 or tonnell.wilson@hudl.com


Jon Meier


With four sons and duties as a youth football and baseball coach, Jon stays fairly busy. As a Cornhusker grad with experience under coaches Steele, Bohl and McBride, he's fluent in sports. 

Contact Jon: 402-578-3413 or jon.meier@hudl.com

Allison Regan


While selling Hudl to help coaches Dominate doesn't exactly fit Allison's childhood dreams of storm chasing, her business and marketing experience make her a good candidate. 

Contact Allison: 402-450-3349 or allison.regan@hudl.com

Matt Ramirez

Southern CA, NV, HI

This Northern California native found a home in Nebraska. Matt played rugby for over a decade and is now coaching the sport at the college club level.

Contact Matt: 619-955-2033 (cell) or matt.ramirez@hudl.com

David Bentzen

Northern CA

David spent 13 years coaching varsity football, basketball, and track down in Texas before moving to California. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf. 

Contact David: 559-269-8081 or david.bentzen@hudl.com

Club and Youth

Kurt Chvatal

Kurt played sports in high school and college, and also coached numerous sports at the high school level while being a teacher before he came to Hudl. Kurt was with Coach Relations for almost a year before he made the move to the Sales team. 

Contact Kurt: 402-937-1199 or kurt.chvatal@hudl.com

Joe Stepanek

His passions are Liverpool and coaching youth soccer, but Joe's true talents shine on the diamond – he's a Nebraska Wesleyan baseball alum whose love won't be confined to just one sport. 

Contact Joe: 402-429-3495 or joe.stepanek@hudl.com

Aimee McCumbers

Hailing from a town of 800 people and graduating with 15 is so Midwest. Aimee couldn't get enough of it, bringing her husband and three kids up from the South in the hopes of showing them a real football Saturday. 

Contact Aimee: 402-937-9354 or aimee@hudl.com

Laural Wagner

Laural grew up in small-town Nebraska, raised in a sports-obsessed family. She has played competitive athletics all her life, so a career talking to fellow enthusiasts just made sense! 

Contact Laural: 531-333-2991 or laural.wagner@hudl.com

Zach Claussen

Zach is a product of Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska and a University of Nebraska grad. While his athletic abilities are nothing to write home about his passion for all sports has never wavered. Zach spends the majority of his free time talking sports and technology so joining Hudl was a perfect fit. 

Contact Zach: 507-722-0442 or zach.claussen@hudl.com

Bailey Huls

Contact Bailey: 305-901-6440 or bailey.huls@hudl.com

Brett Jensen

As a homegrown product of the Midwest, Brett was raised in Iowa and attended the University of Nebraska. After pitching for the Huskers, he continued his baseball career as a member of the Detroit Tigers organization. Hudl allows Brett to blend his athletic background with career aspirations.

Contact Brett: 515-490-6467 or brett.jensen@hudl.com